Advice for Those Starting Their Loc Journey

Advice for Those Starting Their Loc Journey

⁣What advice would I give myself and others just starting their loc journey? ( I'm not a loctician)

Take pictures of your hair to track progress. You won’t be certain until looking at pictures🤗

Don’t compare your journey to others

You are beautiful and always will be

Less is more when maintaining locs

Water and oil is your best friend

You can’t fight the frizz just embrace it

Drink a lot of water and take vitamins

Your hair will grow/ loc that’s why it’s called a journey

Cover your locs at night and around the house with a silk scarf, bonnet or silk pillow case

Your hair will naturally thicken along the way.

Be consistent with your hair regimen and talk nice to your hair and yourself

Don’t retwist too often or to tight ( Every 4 weeks is idea but my loctician suggested every 6 weeks in the beginning for me)

There is no ugly stage; every stage is beautiful

You will change throughout the process for the better

Your confidence level will increase

There is nothing wrong with having your hair maintained by a loctician vs doing it yourself! Do what works for you

You can use sea breeze to cleanse your scalp and hairline between washes

You can use conditioner on your locs but just remember conditioner is used to soften the hair so it’s not idea in the beginning phase if you’re trying to get your hair to loc.

If you are not satisfied with your current set of locs do not be afraid to start again until you love them! You should wake up in love with your hair and if that’s not the case try again until you get your desired set.

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I’m 4 Months in and this advice was well needed. The hardest part for me right now is not being able to color my grey. But I’m Trusting the Progress as Everyone Keeps Suggesting Lol.


A little over my 1 year locaversary and this advice is still well received.. Thank you so much for this wisdom! ♡


Hello Cousin! This is your real cousin who lives in Vegas :) You’ve got me convinced and I’m excited about trying your products. I hope I don’t give up in the “there is no ugly stage”. Pray for me!

Dormisha Goodrich-Owens

Those was excellent tips. A little over a year ago when i started my locs, I struggled a little at the beginning. But everything you said stands true.


Thanks for tips. Can’t wait to get my hands on these products. I just started my love journey and already excited:)

Diana Amanyire

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